How To Save Your YouTube Videos On Google Drive

If you want to You can do it in few easy steps. For watching online videos now a days youtube is most popular. In these days many people generate their youtube channel and work on it for earn money. Many people earn money from youtube but for earning they work hard and give his precious time for it. Their are many apps are available for your YouTube videos on google drive. 

If you uploaded your videos on your youtube channel and you want to share it with other person, then what do you do, then you download your videos and upload to some others website but it is long and boring trick. So I explain a simple way for you  for saving your youtube videos on your google drive and share your link to other simply. I also posted a trick to check it out.3 powerful ad blocker apps for android

In you tube channel you can manage your youtube videos in my videos section but there are not any option for downloading, so if you have videos uploaded  on your channel, you can save it on google drive in easy tricks which i tell you, no matter for video size and after uploading you can manage it latter any time. –Saving Your YouTube Videos To Google Drive

There are many tricks to save your video on google drive, but today we try  trick follow steps-google takeout     First open  Google Take Out    After open it you see next button at last the page click on it After it you see file format option select  and  and click on create archive option file type-.zipdelivery method- add to drive Like this your you tube video start uploading on google drive After some time, click on  option it will redirect on your youtube open in drive

Like this you done this process, now like this you can manage all your videos from google drive. Now you can share the link to other by share option.


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